September 16, 2016

How to Get Traffic to Your List

Freedym Bootcamp

I learn about Getting Traffic to your Email List from Ryan Lee at Freedym

There are so many ways to generate traffic to your website. The options are confusing, the choice are overwhelming.

These range from Pinterest, Snapshat, Periscope, Linkin, paid ads, SEO, solo emails, webinars, guest articles, email,podcasting, video marketing, Twitter, etc.

There are free traffic and paid traffic. Paid traffic cost money while free traffic cost you time.
There are advantages and there are trade-off.

A good example of free traffic is SEO, The challenge is that SEO is subjected to algorithm changes by Google.

Paid traffic is the only traffic source that is 100% predictable and scaleable. Traffic is guaranteed.

Since you can be easily distracted with too many choice, it is wiser for you to focus on no more than three sources. For example FB ads, Google Adwords and SEO.

If you are good at doing live presentation, then upload your video on Youtube and Facebook. You will love Blab, Periscope, and Facebook Live video.

If you like audio, podcast might be for you. Interview your guests on the podcast. Host your own podcast on iTunes.

If you are better at graphics, use Pinterest, Instagram. They might appeal to you.

Don’t do everything. It is too overwhelming. Select and focus.

If you love writing, do guest blogging. Write for newsletters and magazines. You’ll reach out to a bigger audience.

If you like to speak, do workshops, webinars and at local events.

The key to free traffic is to be prolific and never stop.

Do at least one post a day.

For example, share your little insight from whatever you learn for the day.

For paid traffic, many people use solo email ads to grow their email list. Advertise in association’s newsletter. They are more targetted but can be expensive.

Btw,  people do make money by renting their email list. So having a big email list is profitable for you.

Google Adwords converts better since people are searching for answers and some have the intention to buy.

Bing Ads are cheaper and less stringent than Google Ads but the outreach is smaller.

Professionals hang around on LinkedIn. If you are targeting the market by profession, Linkedin Ads might be better.

Facebook ads. AdsEspresso has cool features to help you create FB ads.

Pick the right sources that work best for your business.

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