September 16, 2016

How to Make Money with One Email a Day


What I learn about “How to Make Money with One Email a Day” from Ben Settle at Freedym

The world simplest sales funnel in 3 steps:
Step 1:  Bring traffic to your website and encourage the visitors to opt-in to your email list.
Step 2.  Email daily to your subscribers.
Step 3.  Promote back end sales

Promote a continuity program such as a membership site, a software, or a paid newsletter.

Here are some ways to write catchy email subjects:

Curiosity is key.  Example: “Exercises that age you faster”
David Lynch it.  Example: “Phantom pooping prospects” (weird).
Rack the shot gun. Example: “Humiliating fact Facebook pics”
Pour on the pain. Example:  “Prostatitis makes your penis fall off”
Contrasting ideas .Example:  “Why women reject successful guys”

More Email writing tips:
*  Write without inhibition. Edit later.
*  Infotainment is the secret sauce. Don’t be boring.
*  Bait the hook. Give the 99% and keep the 1% secret.
* Tell stories that inspire buying

You got to sell in every email.
Treat each email like a talk show.
Know your customer avatar.
Know their pains.
Know what keep them awake and what worries them.

Do you enjoy the lessons. If you do, join Freedym to learn more.



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